Patient Portal is here

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Patient Portal is here

Patient Portal – ConnectMed 

The portal is a great tool for helping you to manage your personal health care. No more “can you hold please” on the end of the phone! With ConnectMed® you can make (or change) your appointment and request repeat prescriptions at any time of the day and from the comfort of home, or on-the-go with the convenience of your mobile phone. It’s secure, safe and convenient, because your user name and password are unique to you and because all information is secured through our existing practice management software.

Signing up is quick and easy. You can do it online or at the practice. The only pre-requisite is your own unique email address. If you sign up on line you receive Level 1 access : you can make appointments and request repeat scripts, but you will need to know the name and dosage of your medication so that you can type it into the request. If you come into the practice to sign up, we can verify your identity and you can have Level 2 access, which means that your long-term medications list will automatically populate into your script request and all you have to do is tick the ones you need repeated.

On-line appointment booking is designed for standard consultations. If you need something a bit more specialised you will still need to call reception as these appointments have particular requirements. You still need to call reception if you want to book well child checks, liquid nitrogen treatments, drivers medicals, travel consults and aviation medicals.

To sign up on line go to and type Aspiring Medical Centre into the search box on the top left of the screen, then follow the prompts. Your name, date of birth and mobile number will all need to match the ones we already have for you in our system. If you experience any difficulties, please give reception a call so that we can check your details. It’s probably because you’ve changed your mobile number and your new number doesn’t match the one we have for you.