Rights Privacy and Complaints

Your Rights

Our practice philosophy is embedded in an understanding of and willingness to uphold your rights under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act.

The ten rights of consumers and the duties of providers contained in the HDC Code of Health and Disability Services 1996 are-

  • Right 1: the right to be treated with respect
  • Right 2: the right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment, and exploitation
  • Right 3: the right to dignity and independence
  • Right 4: the right to services of an appropriate standard
  • Right 5: the right to effective communication
  • Right 6: the right to be fully informed
  • Right 7: the right to make an informed choice and give informed consent
  • Right 8: the right to support
  • Right 9: rights in respect of teaching or research
  • Right 10: the right to complain

More information is available at www.hdc.org.nz/the-act–code/the-code-of-rights

In addition, we believe that everyone has the right to be treated with kindness and compassion.


We appreciate that in a small community your privacy is important. We endeavour to create a space where you can feel that your personal information is safe and respected.

All our staff have signed confidentiality agreements. We will not discuss you, even anonymously, outside of the medical centre. For your safety we will endeavour not to discuss your health concerns, with you, outside of the premises.

All clinical staff have access to medical records. Reception and management staff have limited access as part of their duties. If you have concerns about this please discuss with us. There are ways of making your information more private.

In the course of your treatment, we may need to provide your details and medical history to specialists, hospitals, and other health providers. We ensure that your health information is seen only by those who are involved in your healthcare.

In an electronic age people justifiably have concerns about their health information.

For funding purposes we are required to provide some identifiable data to other health organizations. If this includes any personal health information we will seek your consent.

Under the privacy laws doctors may also pass information to other health organisations to be used in a non-identifiable manner for health statistics.

More information is available from the privacy commission www.privacy.org.nz

Our Privacy brochure for patients can be downloaded here.

Feedback and Complaints

We value your feedback, both positive and negative. Your evaluation of our services helps us to understand your needs and improve what we offer. We know that our experience working at Aspiring Medical Centre will be very different from your experience as a patient coming into our organization. We want to be able to understand and improve your experience.

We realise that giving feedback is sometimes difficult in New Zealand culture. Be reassured that are interested in your viewpoint .

If you would like to provide routine feedback about our services a form is available here.

If the feedback you would like to provide is more complex it may be helpful to

  • write down what happened so it is clear in your mind.
  • think about what could have been done to make your experience better.
  • think about what you would like to see happen as a result of your experience.

If possible, it is best to give feedback directly to the person involved. We know this can be difficult. However please feel welcome to make a time to talk to the person involved if you feel able to do that.

Face to face feedback is useful as there can be a conversation. It can be difficult for both parties if you give feedback to the receptionist over the desk. This is not a very private space and receptionists are handling phones and other clients. Although our receptionists will respect your feedback, it is a hard environment in which to listen fully to you.

It may be better to ask to speak to a doctor or nurse in a private room, or to speak to the Practice Manager.

You can also submit your feedback in writing or by email to Sally Battson (see contact us page) who is our feedback and complaints officer. Her role is to find out what happened from all parties and seek some resolution. If you want to make a formal complaint you can download our complaints form here .

Click here for more information on providing feedback

You can also seek advice from the Health and Disability Commissioners free patient advocacy service.