Accidents and Emergencies

We work in a remote location with no hospital and as such we are well equipped for all medical emergencies. All our permanent clinical staff have been trained in PRIME – Primary Response In Medical Emergencies. In emergencies we liaise closely with hospital staff, ambulance and helicopter retrieval services. We have considerable experience in minor trauma, fracture management and injury care.

Aclasta Infusion

Aclasta is a convenient, once a year, infusion treatment for osteoporosis. It takes about an hour to administer. Please see your doctor to discuss whether this is a good option for you.

After Hours


When the clinic is closed there is a doctor on call at all times. We share the provision of after-hours care with Wanaka Medical Centre. When you call out of clinic hours our telephone diverts to an experienced nurse triage team who will assess your problem, give advice, and call the doctor and/or ambulance if that is required. There is more information about After Hours Services here

Aviation Medicals

Dr Jayne Davies has a Certificate in Aviation Medicine and can do full Class 1 and Class 2 aviation medicals. You can find more detailed information about this service here

Blood Tests

Our nurses provide blood testing but the tests must be ordered by a doctor. Bloods are sent to Southern Community Laboratories for analysis. Most tests done by the laboratory are free to New Zealand residents but charges apply for non- New Zealanders and for some specialised tests.

Bone Density Testing

Once a year we provide screening for bone density through an ultrasound of the heel. This is provides a convenient and relatively inexpensive test.

Cardio-Vascular Risk Assessments (CVRA)

Cardio-vascular risk assessments are a tool to calculate your risk of heart disease or stroke based on your height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars and family history. Knowing your risk enables you to make informed choices if lifestyle changes are required and allows your doctor to offer medication is required. These assessments are free in some circumstances, but in most cases a small fee applies.

There is more information about CVRAs here

Care Plus

Care Plus is a programme funded by WellSouth which promotes a proactive approach to your health care.
It is designed to benefit the health of people with high health needs due to chronic conditions; acute medical or mental health needs; or terminal illness. It provides four subsidised GP visits per year. Ask your doctor or nurse if you think you could be eligible for this subsidy.

Cervical Smears

Regular smears have been shown to reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Cervical smears are recommended for women between the ages of 20 – 70. These can be done by both nurses and doctors. If you have any symptoms of concern it may be more appropriate to have your cervical smear done by one of the doctors. More detailed information to help you make an appointment for your smear is available here


We provide FREE consultations in normal working hours for registered children under 13 years of age. This is to enable you to access advice for any health concerns you have about your child.
Well child checks can be done by the GP in conjunction with each immunisation or as requested. If you are choosing not to immunise your child you are always welcome to bring them in for regular checks.
Applications for grant funding for specialist services for children made to the Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust – . Please discuss this with your doctor.

Contraceptive Advice

We offer a range of contraceptive options including IUCD, contraceptive implants, and vasectomy. Our nurses can prescribe the emergency contraceptive pill at low cost. All registered patients under 22 are eligible for two free sexual health consultations per year with the GP of their choice. For more information see Women’s Health

In addition a free service is available for all Kiwis under 22 years at our Sexual Health Clinic which runs weekly on a Tuesday from 3.30-6pm. More information here

Diabetes Management

Lynda Davis is our trained diabetes nurse and is available for encouraging advice on diet, blood glucose monitoring and diabetes management. We recommend annual diabetic review checks, which are funded. Regular clinics are held on Tuesday afternoons but appointments can also be arranged at other times.

Driver Licence Medicals

These medicals require an appointment with the nurse and then the doctor. Please bring along your current licence and any paper work you have been sent. Please tell reception the appointment is for a driver’s licence medical when you make the appointment.

Drug Testing

Aspiring Medical Centre is an approved collection venue for workplace drug testing in accordance with NZ standard 4308:2008. We can offer employment, pre-employment or mandatory screening for the presence of drugs or alcohol. More information is available here:

Ear Syringing

For removal of excessive ear wax, this service is available from our practice nurses.


Our doctors are all able to remove skin moles and lesions or do skin biopsy. These require extra time so please inform reception that that you having a minor surgery procedure when you are making the appointment.

Dr Simon Brebner is an approved GP with Special Interest (GPSI) for the removal of cancerous or pre-cancerous skin lesions. This is a WellSouth funded service which requires a referral from your doctor.

Fine Needle Aspirations

Fine needle aspiration is a type of biopsy procedure. Fine needle aspiration involves using a thin, hollow needle to remove samples of tissue or fluid from an organ of the body or a lump found under the skin. Once the samples of cells have been removed, they are sent to the laboratory for further testing. Dr Simon Brebner and Dr Mark Edmond both offer this procedure.


Our doctors have considerable experience in management of fractures and other ski field injuries. Our nurses are trained plaster and splint technicians. Our doctors can order xrays and receive images from Pacific Radiology who are also located in the Wanaka Lakes Health Centre.

Hayfever Desensitisation

Your GP can refer you to an allergy specialist for assessment and testing. Once a specific desensitisation programme is designed we can carry out and monitor the injections at the practice. This service is also available for bee sting desensitisation

Hearing Tests / Audiology Screening

We can provide hearing screening and workplace audiology testing

Immigration Medicals

We are an approved member of the Immigration New Zealand On-Shore Physician Panel and offer Immigration Medicals in Wanaka. More information is available here


Breastscreen Aotearoa offers mammography in Frankton and other locations. This is a free screening service for women 45-70 years. If you have not used the mammography bus service before, you need to register for this service by phoning Breastscreen on 0800 270 200. The nearest private mammography is in Dunedin. Find out more or register here

Mental Wellbeing

It is part of our role to support people with problems related to the challenges of day-to-day living, psychological issues and psychiatric diagnoses. We understand your need for privacy in a small town. It is helpful if you book a long appointment to discuss these things. We liaise closely with local therapists and mental health services to support people with psychological issues. Some funding may be available. More information here

Nurse Services

Nurse appointments are available from 8.40am – 5 pm, including lunchtimes, for your convenience. Our nurses have been trained for specialist roles and can help you with

  • Blood tests
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment-including blood pressure cholesterol & blood sugar checks.
  • Cervical Smears and STI checks
  • ECGs
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pills
  • Healthy Lifestyle education and advice (nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices which support health)
  • Immunisations –  childhood, flu, travel, tetanus and zostavax vaccinations.
  • Liquid Nitrogen treatment for warts
  • Plastering and splinting
  • Punch biopsies
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Smoking cessation advice and support
  • Spirometry (lung function testing)
  • Telephone triage and advice
  • Test results
  • Wound care, dressings and removal of stitches

Pregnancy Care

In New Zealand pregnancy care is mainly done by midwives and specialist obstetricians. We are funded to see you free of charge in the first part of your pregnancy. We can arrange testing, discuss options for care and we are very experienced in early pregnancy complications.

There are some midwifery services available in Wanaka. Midwives will deliver babies at home, at Charlotte Jean birthing unit in Alexandra or in Dunedin. Local midwives are highly skilled in all the demands of rural midwifery practice and are funded to care for you until 6 weeks after the birth.

Our doctors are happy to provide back up during your pregnancy. Normally we will meet you and your baby at about 6 weeks after the birth for a baby check and immunisation if this is your choice. This is an important visit in supporting you and giving us the opportunity to start a relationship with your child. Mothers are encouraged to make an appointment at the same time, to discuss contraception and any concerns they may have.

Repeat Prescriptions

These can be done for registered patients only. If you are a visitor or we have not prescribed the item before, you will need to see a doctor.

If you are an enrolled patient on regular medication, recommended practice is that we can supply 3 months at a time and need to see you every second time – ie every 6 months. This allows for monitoring of your condition and the appropriateness of treatment.

You can order a repeat prescription by phoning the receptionist or through the Patient Portal by signing up to ConnectMed.

  • state exactly the names of medications you want
  • allow 48 hours before you collect the prescription
  • check your prescription when you collect it.

Sexual Health Clinic

We run a confidential sexual health clinic on Tuesdays 3.30 – 6pm. This clinic is free to all New Zealanders under 22 years. Some charges apply for overseas visitors. No appointment is necessary. Outside these clinics every enrolled patient under 22 is eligible for two funded sexual health visits, to the GP of their choice, per year. For others normal charges apply. See also Specialised Services

Skin Checks

We offer a range of general and specialised skin check services. Dr Jayne Davies and Dr Mark Edmond have special training in skin cancer identification and management. They both offer dermoscopy for early identification of suspicious lesions and Dr Edmond also offers total body photography which provides a good baseline for early identification of changes. More information is available here

Skin Treatment Clinic

We have Liquid Nitrogen available to treat sunspots and warts . Please tell the receptionist that this is the reason for your appointment when booking.

Smoking Cessation

We encourage our patients to stop smoking. Our nurses can advise on smoking cessation linked to the national Quit programme. We are able to offer practical strategies as well as subsidized medications and nicotine replacement. Talk to us, or visit or phone 0800 778 778.

Specialist Doctor Referrals

Our Doctors can refer you to a range of private specialists who visit Wanaka, Queenstown and Alexandra on a regular basis.

Many visiting specialists consult privately from the Wanaka Lakes Health Centre. This includes orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology, ear nose and throat, gastroenterology, general surgery, urology, and cardiology. Occasionally you may need to travel to Dunedin or Christchurch to see the specialist that the doctor recommends.

There are Public specialist outpatient clinics at Dunstan Hospital in Clyde which is supported by a transport service from Wanaka. To find out about “Wheels to Dunstan” phone 4437799. In certain circumstances travel to Dunedin can be subsidised.


Spirometry is a test used to assess how well your lungs work by measuring how much air you inhale, how much you exhale and how quickly you exhale. Spirometry is used to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect breathing. Our nurses have received specialised training which enables them to administer this test.

Sports Medicine

Dr Simon Brebner has a Diploma of Sports Medicine and is an accredited Sports Medicine Provider with the NZ Academy of Sport. While all our doctors can deal with sports injuries, Simon has extra expertise in complex cases. More info here

Test Results

Knowing your test results is important. You can access your test results quickly and conveniently by signing up for the ConnectMed patient portal. We will inform you of routine test results by text or letter, but we will phone with urgent results. Please ring the nurse if you do not receive notification after 2 weeks.

Travel Medicine

Dr Jayne Davies has postgraduate qualifications in travel medicine and is available to provide complex travel medicine advice including all vaccinations, malaria advice and travel kits. We are an official Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. More information about these services here


Dr Simon Brebner is able to carry out vasectomies at the clinic and is an accredited provider for Southern Cross. If you are interested in this option there is more information here. Please make a preliminary appointment with him to discuss this whether this is a good choice for you. In some cases people receiving Job Seeker Support, or their partner, may be eligible for a WINZ subsidy for vasectomy. Contact your local WINZ office for more information. Click here for more information.

Weekends and Public Holiday Clinics

We share the weekend work with Wanaka Medical Centre. There is always an urgent clinic at the duty practice from 9am – 12 noon and 3pm – 6pm on Saturday and Sunday and on public holidays. These hours are extended to 9am – 6pm at busy times of the year. No appointment is necessary, but we do recommend calling first as the receptionist can give you advice about the best time to come in and this may shorten your wait time . The on call doctor may be contacted through 443 0725 outside of clinic hours.

Specialised Services

After Hours
Aviation Medicals
Immigration Medicals
Mental Well-Being
Safe Skin
Sexual Health Clinic
Sports Medicine – Simon…
Travel Medicine
Women's Health