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After Hours


When the clinic is closed there is a doctor on call at all times. We share the provision of urgent after-hours care with Wanaka Medical Centre. When you call 03 443 0725 outside clinic hours our telephone diverts to an experienced nurse triage team who will assess your problem, give advice, and call the doctor and/or ambulance if that is necessary. Depending on the care required the doctor may come to you or they may ask you to meet them at the clinic in the Wanaka Lakes Health Centre, where they have access to more materials and equipment.

Sometimes the nurse triage service has a lot of calls to deal with and you may have to wait for a while to speak to the nurse. If you feel that it is taking too long and you are anxious about the person needing care, please remember that you can get an ambulance by hanging up and calling 111 at any time.

If you have any difficulty accessing the nurse triage service or a doctor after hours, please let us know.


Photo: Geoff Marks – Southern Lights, Wanaka, New Zealand.

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