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Sports Medicine is not just for elite athletes, but for anyone with acute or chronic musculo-skeletal problems which might arise from sport, outdoor activities, hobbies or just day-to-day life.

Dr Simon Brebner can offer you extra expertise in this area because he holds a post-graduate Diploma of Sports Medicine. He spent two years studying for his diploma after becoming interested in the field while working at the Treble Cone ski area. Since then he has worked extensively in this field as an adjunct to his General Practice and has greatly enjoyed interacting with a range of patients, from Olympians to grandmas. For a number of years he was the Medical Director of the New Zealand Winter Olympic Performance Programme based out of Wanaka and he remains an approved provider for High Performance Sport New Zealand .

Sports Medicine is a broad medical subject despite a narrow sounding name. It is a useful specialty in General Practice as acute injuries and grumbling aches and pains are common.

It covers everything from the sore shoulder you get lifting a heavy suitcase on holiday, to a twisted ankle running the river tracks, a painful elbow from nailing a deck or a sprained knee playing rugby.
Running Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine can also offer advice to help you plan for exercising with chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, cardiac conditions. Sports Medicine practitioners like to work with other providers such as physios, chiropractors, podiatrists, nutritionists, trainers and coaches, as each speciality has their own strengths and treatment can be enhanced by multi-disciplinary involvement.

Simon is very happy to take self-referrals, or for you to come via your allied health professional such as your physiotherapist. Often the first consultation is detailed and lengthy so we suggest you book a double appointment, which allows plenty of time for a thorough assessment of the problem. Please tell the receptionist you require a double appointment when you call to book.

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