Dr Simon Brebner has over ten years’ experience in performing vasectomies. He is an accredited provider with Southern Cross so there is no charge to you if you have an approved Southern Cross health insurance policy. It is also possible for some WINZ beneficiaries to get a subsidised vasectomy if you meet the eligibility criteria. If you receive a benefit you should contact WINZ to see if you (or your partner) are eligible. The cost of a vasectomy is the same whether you are a patient who is enrolled at Aspiring Medical Centre or whether you are a visitor.

Dr Simon answers some some commonly asked questions about vasectomy below-

Who would have a vasectomy?               

Well it’s a good contraceptive choice for men who’ve had their family or have got to an age where they’re decided not to have children. Both partners can benefit from vasectomy – women are able to stop their hormonal contraceptive pills, men can do away with condoms and the fear of contraceptive failure becomes all but non existent.


What’s involved?

The sperm is made in the testicles and travels along a couple of tubes called the vas deferens to the outside world via the penis. Through a small 5mm nick on the scrotum we remove and close a 1.5-2 cm section of the tubing halting the sperm’s further movement

How long before I get back to work?

I tend to carry out the vasectomys at Aspiring Medical Centre on a Friday. The blokes have a quiet weekend and most are back to work on Monday. I heard of someone windsurfing in the afternoon but I’m not sure if that was a good idea! Most men report that their experience is less uncomfortable then they were expecting.

Will I be less of a man following a vasectomy?

No, we are just interrupting the sperm’s flow and leaving the testicles well alone. There’s no reduction in libido, quality of erections, sporting prowess or even the ability to generally laze around watching sport!

How effective a contraception are vasectomy’s?

It’s very unlikely to conceive an unwanted pregnancy following a vasectomy. It’s generally accepted there is a failure rate of 1 in 2000 vasectomys, or another way 1999 out of 2000 couples won’t get pregnant. Compare this to condoms which have a typical failure rate of close to 1 in 5 and even the contraceptive pill which has a typical failure rate of 1 in 20.

If my circumstances change can I get it reversed?

Although vasectomy’s are considered a permanent contraception, there is a 50% chance of a successful pregnancy if reversal surgery is carried out within 5 years. After that the success does trail off to something like 25% at 10 years. It’s a question men ask but in reality few regret their decision. In the ten years I’ve been carrying out vasectomys no one has requested a reversal

Great, it seems like a good option for me, I’ve thought it over, what do I do now?

Give us a ring at Aspiring Medical Centre to make an initial consultation with me. We go over the procedure in greater detail, have a quick examination and answer any questions the man or couple may have. Following this we can make a booking for the procedure at a time that suits and we go from there. It’s as simple as that!