Women’s Health

Our women doctors are specialists in the health matters that are uniquely important  to women. Find more information here about the range of services that we offer.

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Cervical Smears

You can choose to have your smear done by either a nurse or a doctor. If you have any symptoms of concern it is better to have your cervical smear done by one of the doctors.

Regular smears (every 3 years or more frequently if you have any history of symptoms) are recommended for all women over 20 years who have ever had sexual intercourse. Smear tests are proven to be an excellent way of identifying and preventing the development of cervical cancer. If you would like to make an appointment for a smear test you have three choices –

  1. You can make an appointment with a practice nurse. Nurse appointments are available during any of our week-day clinics.
  2. You can have your preferred doctor do your smear. This is the best choice if you have any symptoms you are worried about or if you would like to discuss other matters, such as contraception, at the same time.
  3. You can have your smear done at the Wanaka Sexual Health Clinic which is held at the medical centre every Tuesday from 3.30pm – 6pm. This is free to Kiwis under 25. Charges apply for other age groups and ethnicities. You are also able to have STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) screens and get contraceptive advice at this clinic.

Please check with reception for current charges when you make your appointment.

If you have had a smear elsewhere, or you think you do not need one, please let us know so that we don’t bother you with unnecessary recalls.


We offer a range of contraceptive options for women including IUCD and contraceptive implants (Jadelle). Doctors Jayne Davies and Pip Clearwater can both do insertions and removals of IUDs and implants.

Our nurses can prescribe the emergency contraceptive pill at low cost.

All registered patients under 25 are eligible for two free sexual health consultations per year with the GP of their choice.

In addition a free service is available for all Kiwis under 25 years at our Sexual Health Clinic which operates weekly on a Tuesday 3.30-6pm. No appointment is necessary. There are a range of charges for other users. Contact reception for more information.

Pregnancy Care

In New Zealand pregnancy care is mainly done by midwives and specialist obstetricians. We are funded to see you free of charge in the first part of your pregnancy. We can arrange testing, discuss options for care and we are very experienced in early pregnancy complications.

Wanaka has excellent midwifery services. Midwives will deliver babies at home, at Charlotte Jean birthing unit in Alexandra and in Dunedin. They are highly skilled in all the demands of rural midwifery practice and are funded to care for you until 6 weeks after the birth.

Our doctors are happy to provide back up during your pregnancy. Normally we will meet you and your baby at about 6 weeks after the birth for a baby check and immunization if this is your choice. This is an important visit in supporting you and giving us the opportunity to start a relationship with your child. Mothers are encouraged to make an appointment at the same time, to discuss contraception and any concerns they may have.


Every 2 years the mobile mammography bus comes to Wanaka. This is a free screening service for women 45-70 years. If you have not used the mammography bus service before you need to register for this by phoning 0800 270 200. The nearest private mammography is in Dunedin.

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